January 23, 2022

The Success Formula

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January 23, 2022

The Success Formula

Success is defined in different ways by different people, but let’s talk about what most people agree “success” looks like.  

Success Is: knowing you did a good job during your day and had positive interactions with other people

Success Is: looking forward to going home to your family and sharing yourself with them

Success Is: knowing you have enough funds to pay this month’s bills and the bills that will arise in the future

Success Is: having hobbies that you enjoy and having the time to work at them

Success Isn’t: putting your work ahead of your family and friends

Success Isn’t: running home and then hiding from your family because you’ve “had a hard day”

Success Isn’t: having all the money in the world and then trying to figure out how to amass even more

Success Isn’t: burning the candle at both ends, never having time to play or relax

In short, success is not always monetarily-related; you aren’t deemed “un-successful” if you don’t earn seven-figures in your business.  Success is more than moving up a corporate ladder and it touches more than just your career.  It affects your marriage and family, your home life, your spiritual life, and more.  

Being successful is a balancing act.  One isn’t considered successful in life if he or she climbs the corporate ladder but has a home- or family-life that is in shambles.  One isn’t considered “successful” if he or she earns plenty of money to retire early, anticipating spending that retirement with family, only to find that his/her children are gone and disinterested in any family relationships by the time retirement is possible.

So is there one formula to be successful?  I think there is, and the components are:  positive thinking, the right skill set, the right philosophy, having direction, and having character.  All of these things make up a formula for success, and each of these things, if left out of the formula, will cause an individual to lack success in life.

Learn how to think of “success” so that you are successful at whatever you choose to do.

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